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Joseph's Coat is Moving!!! 

During the past month our volunteers have been busy making the move to our new home! We are currently closed during the move, but we will be back better than ever! I have a whole list of individuals and businesses that have assisted us in making the move and I'd like to personally thank some of them here...

City of Reynoldsburg

I want to thank The City of Reynoldsburg for allowing Joseph's Coat to return to Reynoldsburg.  It's great to be back home.  You have made us feel very welcome and a part of the community.  Thank you for your help and support during our move.

I want to thank Blue Men Moving of Columbus for helping us during our move.  We had a confirmed appointment with a different company and on the Friday before the move at 5:30 they canceled on us.  Blue Men Moving of Columbus Came thru for us.  They understood our lack of funds as we are a Christian non-profit organization and helped us. Joseph's Coat could not have asked for a better answer to their prayers. Thank you so much Blue Men Moving of Columbus.

I want to thank Hound Dog Towing for helping Joseph's Coat during our recent move.  They are very professional, polite, and helpful.  They are one of the most affordable towing services I found. They also have great hold music when you call them.

I cannot thank Bins enough for everything they have done for Joseph's Coat over the years.  They have helped us in so many ways.  Thank you Bins LLC. You have been there for us for several years. Thank you.

I want to thank the DeSales and St Charles Students for the help they provided (for safety reasons I cannot post their pictures) They are some amazing students who accomplished so much in just a few hours each day.  They are some very special people who will go very far in life.  Thank you for everything you did to help us at Joseph's Coat.

Rigos Cleaning helped us to clean and sterilize our new home.  They have helped us in many different circumstances and every time they have been the ones we call when we needed help.  They can clean or install carpets.  Disinfect any area after cleaning it when you think it would be impossible to get something clean. They are always on time and professional.  Joseph's Coat will use Rigos Cleaning in the future.

Kintex Phone Service has helped us in many ways.  We couldn't get the same service we had with our old phone system at our new location.  Kintex came through for us.  They do have a start-up charge you pay to become a customer which in the first year you save compared to any other phone service we could have gone with.  They are a great company to work with.

Reynoldsburg Baptist Church I would like to thank The God Squad from RBC and Pastor Greg for letting the group help get our new home ready.  They have done a great deal of work getting the build together.  They were able to get the wooden shelves downstairs and in the areas where they needed to be placed. I am lucky to know this group and be a member of this church.  Thank you for all your help and everything you were able to do for me and Joseph's Coat.

The Joseph's Coat volunteers I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work, dedication, and above and beyond normal volunteer duties. I asked a great deal of some of you and you were there to help. You are the best team any organization could have saying thank you just doesn't say enough, Steve, Larry Cliff, Dave, and everyone else.  


And finally our volunteers and Church families.  Without you, we wouldn't have the success we do today. Please let all those who volunteered know how very much everyone at Joseph's Coat of Central Ohio is appreciative of their kindness. Volunteers like this allow us to aid those in our community who really need our help. Your wonderful service and generosity help us to fulfill our mission to answer God's call to love and serve our neighbor.  

Our client base continues to grow at approximately 15% per year.   We must have the help of champions like you to provide funding for critically needed items when we don't receive enough donations from the community. As you know, we supply clients with clothing and household goods, as well as furniture, all without cost.  We receive generous donations from our church partners and the community in general, but we always need additional funding to meet the needs of the clients we serve.

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