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Weekend Family Bonding

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 A Joseph's Coat Membership is required to receive program resources. Please complete the application and provide a birth certificate for those under eighteen and custody paper, if they are not your child, a driver's license or picture State ID for adults. You have a picture of birth certificates for all children aged 18 and under in your home. This is a requirement before the first shopping, with no exceptions. Anyone over the age of 18 must have their own account. We suggest you also take a picture of the questionnaire and a driver's license for all others so you have them each time you come to shop. This will make check-in much faster for you. Send your completed form and questionnaire by email to

Please feel free to call 614-852-4858 to talk with a clothing volunteer for an appointment.  


We appreciate your understanding and thank you for working with us. Remember, we are volunteers. We want to help you.

Please DO NOT ARRIVE early. No one will be allowed in the building before our hours of operation, which are Wednesday and Saturday, 9 AM to 1, and Tuesday, 3 PM to 7 PM. There is no public restroom. We are only allowed a certain number of people in the building simultaneously. You are only allowed 30 minutes in the building, with no exceptions. Others are waiting for their chance to come in.


Remember: For safety reasons, children are not allowed in the building, and large handbags, totes, or backpacks are prohibited in the shopping area.


There is no public restroom.


Furniture now has Beds, dresser, and chest of drawers only.  Due to the recent move, we no longer have the space required to have all the furniture we had in the past.  We pray that in the future we will be able to have more furniture than we currently have.  Thank you for your understanding.  When calling about beds call 614-582-4575 after the case manager has submitted the request form from the case manager’s email address only.  They will need a couple of days to enter the client data into our system.  Once this has been entered someone will call to let you know to call us for an appointment.  It is your responsibility to set the appointment and to arrive at the scheduled date and time with the proper size vehicle to transport your bed or beds to your home.

A case manager or your church leader must complete and return the Membership Application for you.  When asking for a bed or beds for a family, we will need ID for all family members (you must have legal custody of children).  We do have limits and guidelines for the number of family members on the form.  If you choose not to call and not show up for your scheduled appointment, that is your choice do not expect us to try to reschedule quickly. Lack of respect is not ignored, a second no call and not showing up is automatic disqualified.

A Joseph’s Coat Membership is required to receive program resources.  Please complete the Application and provide a photo ID for all adult household members and identification for all children. Any changes to family size, home address, or phone number that occur after the completion of the Membership application must be provided to a Joseph’s Coat team member.

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